Sunday, September 7, 2008

Review - iSoftwareTV

First product/service review is iSoftware TV...

This product immediately caught my eye because it boasts that you can watch 3000 Internet TV channels on your PC, FULL DVD quality movies, and music videos. The pricing is about 25 bucks which in my eyes is a really great deal for this kind of service.

To be honest I was a bit skeptical at first, but after reviewing the service for a little over two days now I am highly impressed with the product. There are no recurring payments or monthly payments of any kind - what you pay is what you pay no hidden fees or anything like that. You also immediately receive the service and your membership right after you sign up which is always a good thing. The movie section of the service is really good, which I figured would not be the case. The "full dvd" quality that they boast isn't necessarily the same quality you get when you run to Walmart and buy it, but it is pretty much the closest thing I have seen and most likely the difference is unrecognizable to the casual movie-goer.

The service also has TV sitcoms, sporting events from around the world(which is pretty cool), radio, and local news from pretty much anywhere(really cool as well). Overall I was really impressed with the quality of the UI and the service as a whole. I highly recommend this to any movie lover on a budget or someone who is even mildly interested in movies and entertainment as it really is a great value.


Score - 5/5

Really great deal.