Friday, September 5, 2008

First Post - Introduction

So earlier today I bought one of those paid subscriptions to a "movie" site. The pitch pulled me in, I got excited about the hundreds of NEW movies that I could watch all from my home computer. Upon getting signed up and handing my info over, I was extremely disappointed. The "newest" movie that they had was DEEP RISING from 1998! WTF!

I have always been pretty excited about getting good deals on movies without having to run down to the local Blockbuster, or without having to shell out serious $$$ on NetFlix and the like. So, I decided to create a site that will honestly and thoroughly review each movie or entertainment product/service out there. Why am I doing this? Well you see I am just a regular college guy who happens to LOVE movies...however this love affair is not cheap. When you buy a product that I reviewed and you think you might like it - you click my link and buy the product from that company. Then, I got a little "kickback" for referring you.

Don't be alarmed by this, I am basically just making ends meet since I have to go shell out what you paid to just review the item. I will always honestly review the product and service in question and will not be swayed into saying ALL THESE PRODUCTS ARE AMAAAZING when in fact, they are downright ugly.

So thanks alot guys and I hope I can help you guys out! I will also be posting movie reviews and the like as well for some filler in here. :)

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