Friday, October 3, 2008

Review - MyNetDownload

I was really impressed with the MyNetDownload service.

I purchased the premium 3 year membership and was really glad I did. It was about 50 bucks but with that 50 bucks you get access to HUNDREDS of legal movie downloads. There is no limit to how many you download and absolutely no "per download" fees of any kind. The website talks about "Digital Quality Video & Sound" - which is sort of a gimmick given that the service is one would obviously think that they would be entitled to digital quality video and sound.

Another great thing is they are very adamant about a strict no spyware/adware policy which is always good for an extra piece of mind, even if you do have the latest and greatest in antivirus software. 24/7 Technical Support is pretty sweet and is something that alot of the other services out there lack. They also have one of those neat little "satisfaction guarantee" policies for even more piece of mind. Really you have nothing to lose when buying this service and you get access to hundreds..maybe even thousands of legal and free movie, music, and even game downloads.

I have been using the service for going on about a week and I really have no problems with it so far. The UI is clean and simple and very easy. They really did over deliver with this one and there is just so much to talk about here. Step by Step video tutorials, easy to burn, ultra fast download speeds always(even in high traffic times of day).

The support does take a while to get back to you with some of the bigger issues but that is to be expected with all of these types of services. Overall it is an excellent service and I really recommend it to anyone who is looking for cheap, legal movie and music downloads.


Score - 5/5!