Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Film Making with No Budget Kit & Tips

One of my greatest hobbies in high school was getting together with a few friends and making a short film. The film topics ranged from the philosophical journeys of a young man growing up in rural Iowa to "Who Killed The Cheerleader?" Needless to say these were fun little "past times" to be involved in. We had our own script writer, camera crew, director, actors, everything...but NO BUDGET! However we were just having fun and would usually only show the shorts to family and friends or post it on YouTube(which back then was just starting up)!

Now, with the explosion of YouTube and other "tube" sites amateur movie making is actually becoming a worthwhile cash cow to get involved in. That is why today I am sort of leaning away from my usual review of products and services devoted to movie watching and instead focusing on Film Making - with NO or low budget.

I found a product called "No Budget Filmmaking Ultra Pack" and was instantly excited at what it might...or might not entail. This ebook of a sorts includes pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about making movies. I took a few film classes earlier in my college days and this book covered alot of the techniques I learned there - and some I had never even dreamt of. If you have ever been interested in shooting movies this is the guide for you! It includes pretty much everything you would ever need or want to know. It talks about camera angles, casting, lighting, how to find talent, how to tailor your creativity, etc. etc. If I had bought this about four years ago I can honestly say I would never have shelled out the hundreds of dollars for film school.

One thing that I didn't like however was that...yes...it is in "ebook" form - which for many just screams "SCAM!" But I am here to lay those thoughts to rest, this is the real deal and I guarantee you will not be let down. If this was a real book you could pick up at Walmart or Target I would rate it 5/5 but since it is in ebook and I really don't like to read off my screen I dropped it one point. Be sure to check it out though it is really interesting, especially if you don't have money. :)


Scored 4/5!

Have you made a movie using this guide? Let me know about it!! Post a link to your video in the comments field.

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